Update: One of two vehicles stolen by suspected cartel members recovered

Update 7/15/19:

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office says one of two vehicles stolen last Thursday by suspected Cartel members was found over the weekend.

A GMC Sierra pick-up truck was recovered by the Department of Public Safety over the weekend.

DPS troppers found the stolen truck on Bego Road, near Fannin.

Authorities continue to search for a 2015 Dodge 2500, also reported stolen.

Officials believe the suspects abandoned the GMC and drove off in the Dodge further south towards the border.

If you have any information, contact the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office at 361-575-0651.

Original Story 7/11/19:

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed multiple vehicles were stolen near Reeves Ranch Road early Thursday morning.

The Sheriff’s Office says a Toyota pick-up truck carrying suspected cartel members evaded arrest Wednesday evening on US 59, abandoning the truck near Givens road.

The Toyota was discovered by a VCSO drone late Thursday evening.

Officials believe the suspects then fled on foot before stealing a 2015 dodge 2500 and a 2002 GMC sierra pick up on Reeves Ranch Road the following morning.

The suspects are still on the loose.

Victoria County Chief Deputy Roy Boyd says you can become a victim of Grand Theft Auto even if you live out in a remote part of the county.

“The individuals participating in this organized crime are really going wherever it is they feel like. They’re driving through fences. They’re going in faraway places. So, regardless of how far out you are, you’re still susceptible to being a victim to this kind of crime. So, ensure that you lock your things up.”

The suspects are believed to have driven south of Victoria and will possibly abandon the trucks around Bee County.

If you have any information on the stolen vehicles, please contact the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office at 361-575-0651.