Update: Health Department called to Placedo Elementary

Update 2/6/19:

After reopening it’s doors to students, Placedo Elementary school had a bat inside the school that prompted a call to the health department.

We received a call from a concerned parents who saw a bat as they were dropping their child off at school and decided to keep their student home as a precaution.

Superintendent Abbie Barnett tells us that this is not another infestation, just a single bat that got into the school. He says the bat made its way inside after a door was left open by a student.

The district is currently working to add more lighting outside of the school to deter the bats and catches them immediately once the are spotted.

A Victoria County Health department staff member told Barnett it appears the school is doing all they can.

Update 1/22/19:

Placedo Elementary remains closed two weeks after it was shutdown.

We previously reported on January 8th Bloomington ISD closed the school to remove bats that had made their way inside during the Christmas break.

Superintendent Abbie Barnett tells us the bats have been removed from the school but says the school will remain closed for the time being.

He did not give a reason for the decision.

Barnett says the district will inform parents and students once the school is ready to be re-opened.

Original Story 1/8/19:

Bloomington ISD has temporarily shut down Placedo Elementary to deal with an infestation of bats at the school.

School officials say the bats made their way into the school over the holiday break. In the state of Texas, it’s illegal to kill bats, so the district was forced to call trappers. Students have been temporarily moved to Bloomington Elementary while officials work to clear the school of the ongoing bat problem.

“We’re trying to make this as fast, but also, as beneficial and safe for our students and our staff,” explained Assistant Superintendent Misty Brasfield. “And, our staff and our administrators have been extremely great with getting the information out to parents and the community. So if they have any questions or concerns, they can always call administration.”

Brasfield adds the school district will contact parents if any changes occur to their current timeline. The district expects to re-open Placedo Elementary within fourteen days.