UPDATE: City promises no dog or cat limit for animal ordinance

Winds Dog Effort To Contain Destructive California Wildfires

Ethan Swope

Cats Mia and Kesh, from left, rest at the Green Valley Community Church evacuation shelter on Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021, in Placerville, Calif., as the Caldor Fire continues burning.


VICTORIA, Texas – City redrafts an updated animal ordinance, relinquishing their original limitation for dog and cat ownership.

While the community has vigorously expressed their opinions on the city’s animal ordinance. Leaders confirmed they are not going to limit the number of dogs or cats a resident can own. Leaders reviewed survey feedback from residents and heard what many had to say during the two townhall meetings.

According to Communications Director, Ashley Strevel, there are plans in place to have the drafted proposal up for a formal council vote on Tuesday, Oct. 5.

Meanwhile, the city still plans to hold a public hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 19.