Update: Ben Jordan and Airline reopened to the public

Update 2/18/19:

The intersection of Ben Jordan and Airline has reopened, nearly two weeks after the intersection was shut down due to the discovery of an underground cavity.

The City of Victoria announced the reopening of the intersection on their social media pages Friday afternoon.

We reported on February 5th the City of Victoria shut down the intersection to repair an underground cavity that was discovered while fixing a ruptured water main.

Officials believe the ruptured water main caused the underground cavity to form.

After nearly two weeks of road repairs, the intersection is now reopened and safe for all Victoria drivers to use.

Update 2/12/19:

If the construction on the intersection between Ben Jordan and Airline has been putting a damper on your daily commute, you shouldn’t have to worry too much longer.

We’ve been following the progress of the reconstruction to the intersection after the discovery of an underground cavity that had formed.

Communications Director of Victoria, OC Garza, says the project is progressing very well, despite the recent weather patterns.

“They hope to have flow to that pipe by Wednesday, then they will start to doing all the infrastructure repairs going into repair the cavity that was formed,” Garza says. “They have to rebuild two 19 feet deep manholes, stabilize the infill and refill the hole, rebuild the roadbase that was washed out. They’ve made incredible progress given the weather we had, it’s going forward very well.”

Garza says this is one of the deepest and largest waste water lines in the city, and replacing it is a very complex job, but they are moving as quickly as they can to have that road reopened.

Original story 2/5/19:

The City of Victoria have completely shut down the intersection of Ben Jordan and Airline due to the discovery of a large underground cavity.

The cavity was discovered Monday afternoon during repairs that were being done on a ruptured water main.

The city believe the water pressure from the ruptured water main caused the underground cavity to form.

Communications Director O.C. Garza says the city is working diligently to repair the road but adds residents should be prepared for an extended closure.

“They should be prepared for major detours. Follow the detour signs carefully. There is and will be even more large equipment that’s going to be working on this repair project. So, be very careful and drive very slowly in that area.”

The road closure is expected to last at least two weeks but could take longer due to bad weather in our upcoming forecast.