University of Houston Victoria Will Propose New Ben Wilson Street Plan to City Council

“A lot of students are crossing U.S. Highway 59 because the dorms are over there now to come to campus,” says UHV Student Ke’andre Green.
“We want our UHV students to be as safe as possible,” says Karen Williams.

These are concerns that prompted the University of Houston Victoria to propose a resolution to purchase Ben Wilson street from the city of Victoria last year.

“Our first proposal was that the city gives us the street, and that’s what the city voted for back in April.”

“We had some legal issues with that. One of those was owning the street and the liability related to that. The other was spending state money on the street. Even though the city might give it to us it may not have appeared to be a clean transaction,” says UHV President Vic Morgan.

Victoria City Council will meet Tuesday for a new resolution that will help to solve these issues.

According to Mayor Paul Polasek, “Council will discuss selling parts of both sides of Ben Wilson, while the city keeps the middle of the street. This way the university will still be able to achieve their goals.”

“I think its important for students to have some sort of safety to get to and from places.” says UHV student Makayla Hargrove.

And these goals, students say, are important to create a safe traffic flow.

“Having it more pedestrian friendly will keep us safe as well as the drivers,” says Green.