University of Houston – Victoria partners with Innovation Collective

UHV secures a $915,000 partnership with Innovation Collective to help increase entrepreneurship and economic development


VICTORIA, Texas  – The University of Houston- Victoria and the Innovation Collective partnership had a kickoff event in Victoria.

The University of Houston – Victoria College of Business secured $915,000 for a partnership with Innovative Collective to help increase entrepreneurship and economic development in the Victoria area.

Innovation Collective requires $915,000 to operate their program in Victoria for the first three years. The startup funding covers program costs, including hiring a community leader, travel costs, marketing, conferences, summits and events.

The company will help leaders and community members create a culture of economic innovation and assist with the creation of new businesses and job opportunities for people living in victoria.

The dean of the University of Houston – College of Business, Dr. Ken Colwell says this partnership was a dream of his.

“it’s very exciting, it has been a year in the making, it has probably been my primary focus of mine this year, outside of running the outside, it been a dream of mine, to finally see it come to life is really exciting,” says Dr. Colwell.

The following entities and community members each have committed $100,000 during the next three years to help launch and operate the office:

  • City of Victoria
  • David and Tammy Murphy
  • Frost Bank
  • Haberling McLeroy Family Foundation
  • klean corp international/Tami and Robby Burdge
  • Melvin and Janey Lack
  • Victoria County
  • Victoria Sales Tax Development Corp.

University of Houston – Victoria is a growing institution and a resource in the Victoria community.  The university will become a key player in the economic development of the city.

This new partnership will operate around a focus or theme.  There will be discussions and various town hall events to listen to ideas about what would be the best resources for the Victoria region. The events are open to the public.