Opening of the new Chick-fil-A will bring jobs to University of Houston- Victoria students

This location will be open to the public

UPDATE: 2/19/2020

The University of Houston Victoria is in the process of opening a Chick-fil-A and We Proudly Serve Coffee shop on campus. Now we tell you how this will benefit the students.

David Murphy is an Alumni of UHV he attended when it was only one building on campus. Now he’s back, to bring Chick-fil-A to UHV’s food court.

“So we have the opportunity to open a licensed location on campus for Chick-fil-A and just gives us the opportunity to provide that heightened level of service that Chick-fil-A is known for along with our quality food in a convent location for all the student body,” said, David Murphy, the Owner and Operator of Chick-fil-A in Victoria.

The partnership between UHV and Chick-fil-A will open up opportunities for students to get jobs.

“Absolutely we’ll be hiring students for part-time, around flexible classes and also we’ll be bringing jobs for the outside public. We will also be opening a coffee shop that serves Starbucks Coffee” said, Erick Meland the Director of Dining Services.

Meland went on to say that they are searching for 20 people to fill those positions. Once the food court is complete the public will have access to the campus.

“Basically they will pull into the parking lot, come on in, I believe they’re working on maybe an app to where people can order ahead of time and maybe reserve a couple of parking spaces out there where they’ll bring it out. Kind of like curbside pickup”, said, Matthew Alexander.


VICTORIA, Texas–The University of Houston- Victoria has expanded its campus. Now the school has partnered with Chick-fil-A to open a public location on campus. It’s scheduled to open in August of 2020 in the food court.

“So originally, when we built this building in the University of Commons that we’re in right now we promised the students that it will include a Chick-fil-A one day and we’re living up to that promise. This August we will open up their Chick-fil-A along with what we refer to as We Proudly Serve, which is a coffee shop that serves Starbucks Coffee. So come August when the students return for the fall semester they will have their Chick-fil-A, and their We Proudly Serve,” said Matthew Alexander, UHV Director of Capital Projects and Construction.

UHV will have a special grand opening for Chick-fil-A in August.