The University of Houston Victoria is giving away free food to UHV and VC students

VICTORIA, Texas- The University of Houston JP’s Market will continue giving away free food and personal items to UHV and Victoria College students.

JP’s Market stands for Jaguar Pirates Market. Inside it has several items students may need to help them through the COVID-19 Crisis. We spoke to Keir Walker, a junior at UHV, about how this made him feel to see the school stepping up and taking action.

“I think it’s kind of beneficial because some of us don’t have the means to go elsewhere and certain students, I do know like for instance, international students. They stay here on campus and they don’t have the means to go back home. So this is kind of a great resource for them to have,” said Keir Walker, a UHV junior.

The store was open Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. There’s no limit to how many times a student can get food and personal items. The store is also giving away clothes. We spoke with Walker about some of the things he’s experiencing during this crisis.

“Some of my friends are paranoid and I’m like don’t be paranoid, be calm, be cool and take the precautions they are telling you to take. That way you don’t become paranoid and just go overboard like the people taking stuff out of the grocery stores and stuff like that,” said Walker.

During these hard times we want to remind students that they are not alone.