University of Houston-Victoria discusses constructing new Recreational Center

The University of Houston-Victoria have begun discussions to build a new recreational center.

The university received a huge show of support for the proposed rec center by their student government association. The association issued a referendum to the student body to vote on whether to self-impose a $175 a semester fee to fund the construction.

The proposed fee would be reduced to $75 for 10 weeks or longer summer terms and $37.50 for 5-10 week summer terms. University officials believe having a rec center will help fuel their goal to become a destination university.

“Us as an institution, we have the goal of becoming a destination university,” explained Sr. Director of Student Affairs Michael Wilkinson. ” And, my opinion, part of that means buildings, it means resources, it means things for students to do. So, a recreational center is a tool and an outlet to give students more things to do here on campus and in Victoria”

The vote of the proposed fee will end on Friday. If the student body agree to the proposed fee, the fee would go into effect beginning Fall 2019.

If the fee is approved, university officials will move towards sending the proposal next year to Governor Greg Abbott’s office, who will have final say on the proposed rec center.