United Way setting up COVID- 19 relief fund

VICTORIA, Texas- The coronavirus pandemic is increasing uncertainty among communities worldwide.  With numerous questions, and little answers about the coronavirus pandemic, United Way is setting up a relief fund for families in our area. This hopes to help people in most need.

“So whether it’s through impact work, or grants to nonprofits, we help wherever we’re needed, honestly,” says Brooke Garcia Executive Director of Victoria County United Way.  

 The Golden Crescent Community Organizations Active in Disasters known as “COAD” is one group working to build a COVID-19 relief fund. It’s set up with donations from various public and private donors.

“We have had some individual donations come in already and we do have some more “asks” pending with defend foundations in the area, we’re very excited about it because we’re going to be able to help individuals,” explains Garcia. 

United Way Victoria Board has already destined $25,000 to the fund. Applications for aid request open on Wednesday, April 1st. 

“Wednesday morning, the link on the site will be available for individual households to start applying for funds. We’ll be doing some pre-qualifying checks with them,” adds Garcia. 

Aid will cover essentials like rent, utilities and bill assistance. The process to vet applicants will begin as soon as an application is completed.

“One of the things is that we’re collecting this money, but we won’t be sitting on it, we’re putting it out to the community as quickly as we possibly can,” concludes Garcia.

For more details visit United Way online.