UHV’s first Danish student athlete speaks about representing her country in Texas

The University of Houston- Victoria soccer program keeps winning, and they continue to recruit more athletes from all over the world.

UHV is gaining attention by so many students out of state, specifically students out of the country, mostly those who are coming to Victoria to play sports.

UHV’s Freja Magnussen has come to Victoria all the way from Denmark. Though the small Scandinavian country is known mainly for its successful free market economy and high ranking as one of the worlds’ happiest countries, Denmark’s contributions of globally recognized soccer players are numerous.

Even though Magnussen came to UHV because of the international program, she also made her decision based on her playing experience.

“The most important thing is obviously the level of play but it helps out a lot when there’s others like you, someone you could talk to about their experiences before you get here,” said Magnussen.

She says she feels comfortable here and the amount of support she receives from the soccer program helps her feel like she’s part of a family. When asked about the support she receives from the coaching staff she replied, “very supportive, the way it works here with three coaches allows us to get support from them, so they’re not all focused on only coaching us, but they also take care of our academic success and stuff like that.”

Magnussen is proud to continue the legacy of UHV’s soccer program and be a part of its history.

“It means a lot. As far as I know I was the first Dane here so it means a lot to represent my country. Obviously I think it’s nice for the school to get another experience you learn about other cultures and stuff like that so it’s very important to me to express that to the rest of the school,” said Magnussen.

After graduating from UHV, Magnussen plans to return home to Denmark where she intends to apply at the Danish Police Academy.

Be sure to look out for Mangussen playing for the UHV women’s soccer team to see them in action.