UHV students get their class rings

After a COVID-19 setback, UHV students finally get their ring ceremony

VICTORIA, Texas – Friday evening, the University of Houston at Victoria celebrated more than 60 students and alumni who received their official class rings at the Jaguar Ring Celebration on campus.

Ring recipients and their families and friends participated in a walk-through event that included photos with the Jaguar Ring Box that secured the class rings during the Blessing of the Rings at The Texas Zoo the day before, participation in the Jaguar Dunk tradition where ring recipients dunk their hand in a bowl of red dyed water from the Guadalupe River, and more.

We spoke with some students on how it felt to receive their ring after COVID-19 setbacks.

“It felt great! I didn’t think we were gonna have this event due to COVID-19 restrictions but knowing that we were able to get our rings and have a little something for everyone, it just felt great that the university actually cares about us, and they care about making this event good for us because this is actually a big moment, I’m actually a first-generation college student so getting a ring like this makes me so happy. It marks that all my hard work is coming to an end and its actually paying off,” said UHV Health Studies student, Valerie Rodriguez.

” So I’ve had it for about a year but being able to drip my hand in the red paint and get my red towel is something that I’ve look forward to since my freshman year.  So its really nice to finally experience even though its during COVID, I got my best friend here and my other best friend here so its a good day,” said UHV Education student and Royal Jaguar, Eli Juma

The class ring tradition started in 2017 and celebrates the hard work and perseverance put forth by students to attain their college degree at UHV.