UHV students Advocate Campus Expansion at State Capitol

A group of University of Houston-Victoria students, administrators and alumni recently took their case for university expansion to the Texas legislature.

A group of 34 people, including 21 students, went to the State Capitol and spent the day lobbying for the university’s request for 166 million dollars in tuition revenue bonds and 6 million dollars in program development funds.

“But its just crazy to see how much of an impact we have, and it’s a good time knowing that you’re actually making a difference meeting with the different Senators and Representatives in their offices really pleading our case as far as the funds and why we need it and setting a university like UHV apart from other campuses,” said UHV Student Christo Varghese

The UHV Attendees went to the offices of state legislators to advocate for the money and expansion on the UHV main campus.