UHV sees growth in international student athlete population

The University of Houston-Victoria is not only growing as a university in Victoria, they are growing internationally.

Midfielder Brody Patience comes to Victoria from a small island known as the Isle of Man off the shores of England.

“The only people who’ve really heard of it over here are people that like motorbikes. Because we have this thing called the TT which is like the biggest motorcycle race in the world so that’ll be the only people who’ve really heard of it,” says Patience.

Patience has adjusted well to life in the states, continuing his education here in Victoria while playing soccer at UHV.

The university has a growing international student program and the large number of students coming to South Texas to earn their degrees helped make his move much easier.

“There’s a big factor for me cause my brother did the same he came over to America, but the place he was at, he didn’t like it very much, so he went home and said one of his main pieces of advice was to go somewhere with a lot of internationals so you’ll have a good mix of meeting new people. But also having a similar kind of like feel to home so when I looked at the roster I knew there was seven or eight internationals here and I knew I’d get good friendships with them when I came,” says Patience

Brody made the decision to choose UHV over other US university’s sports programs.

He says the outpouring of support from the coaching staff and UHV’s international student department has helped him develop a love for his new home away from home.

Brody’s schedule is set during the season and soccer takes up a big part of his schedule. He is excited for the future.

Be sure to catch some of the men’s soccer games at UHV to see Brody in action.

He’s decided to make Victoria his full-time home after he graduates.