UHV Receives New Land For Athletic Facilities

Dr. Bob Glenn, the new president of UHV, spoke at this mornings Victoria Economic Development Partnership meeting, about a gift of 65 acres of land, donated to the university, courtesy of the Bennett – Wood family. UHV plans to use this land for new athletics facilities, such as soccer softball and baseball fields, and a running track. This land is located along Big Bend drive near Victoria Regional Airport. Glenn says that this facility will continue the trend of making UHV a destination university.

“This will give us the facilities that we’ve never had before, and a chance to really grow and to be much more competitive. We’ve done well in athletics at this point…and we want to become even better. This gives the resources we need to do that,” said Glenn.

Glenn said that it would take about a year to totally survey the property, and determine what types of athletic facilities could be located there. Construction should then begin soon after.