UHV provides training resources to support transgender, LGBTQA+ students, employees

VICTORIA, Texas – President Joe Biden made the first U.S. federal proclamation recognizing March 31, 2021, as Trans Visibility Day.

This day is dedicated to celebrating transgender people by providing awareness of the discrimination and violence they face every day.

Faculty and staff, as well as students, at the University of Houston-Victoria, are able to receive training to increase awareness and to have a better understanding of LGBTQA+ issues. Freddie Cantu, assistant director of UHV’s Diversity & Inclusion office said students can earn certificates that allows them to wear rainbow graduation cords.

“So specifically for our transgendered and gender non-binary students we host two events throughout the year, in the fall semester we host the Transgender Day of Remembrance, it’s on November 20,” Cantu said. “That event honors individuals that we’ve lost to anti-transgender violence, but we, of course, keep it positive. We try to help spread awareness, share some information, have some fun giveaways, that kind of thing. So really just helping spread awareness and helping students recognize privilege and things like that in a very positive way.”

One in three trans people experience homelessness, Biden shared during his proclamation on Wednesday; they [trans people] also face discrimination in employment, housing, and health care accommodations.

Biden said 44 trans people were killed in the United States last year, a record, 23 of them were Black trans women. 

The president said his administration is implementing new policies to protect trans people.