UHV president says May commencement will be postponed

VICTORIA, Texas — For most students, graduation is a milestone day to be cherished for the rest of their lives.

On Tuesday, UHV president Bob Glenn announced plans for the university’s May 2020 commencement ceremonies.

“Well our plans for graduation are still in flux,” said Glenn. “We have announced to our students that we are postponing commencement until it’s safe for us to gather in large crowds again.”

Glenn says that the commencement could happen in September or even as late as May 2021.

“The commitment we made to our students is that we will not cancel commencement,” added Glenn. “We won’t do anything virtually. When we are able, we will bring people together to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates and we’ll do it the old fashion way with family and friends all in the room and the graduates coming across the stage one by one.”

In the absence of a live ceremony, all graduating students will receive their diploma by mail. President Glenn says that could be more difficult logistically for students living overseas or outside the Crossroads.

“We’re going to do our best to make sure every student has the opportunity to walk across the stage but that’s contingent upon them being able to be here and be present,” said Glenn.

President Glenn said that no matter the circumstances, the university is committed to acting in the best interest of its students.