UHV officials testify before state legislators on university’s budget

University of Houston representatives spoke to Texas state legislators this week to discuss the university’s budget and their priorities going forward.

All universities in Texas must submit budget proposals to state legislators every two years.

UHV president Bob Glenn says the university has had it’s budget slashed in each of the past two budget proposal sessions.

Glenn says his greatest concern is that state senators will vote to slash UHV’s budget for a third time in six years, which could impact future programs and construction projects as well as possibly raising tuition down the road.

“If we were to receive another cut in our budget, it just forces us to make hard decisions. What programs can we go forward with, what plans are we gonna have to put off. Can we afford to make expansions. There’s really only two avenues we can forward through; one is through state appropriations and the other is through tuition.”

Glenn says UHV will do everything in it’s power to avoid raising tuition if their budget is slashed again. The university expect an official response on their budget proposal by mid to late may.