UHV Jaguars Fundraiser 2020

VICTORIA,Texas–This was the fundraising weekend for the University of Houston of Victoria athletics. It started earlier Saturday with the UHV Jaguars golf team playing a tournament with some sponsors. Heading into the evening was the third annual UHV fundraiser at Schroeder Hall. The fundraiser helps with scholarships and paying for trips to an NAIA National Championship. In addition the Jaguars are looking into starting a basketball team which will cost around 600,00 dollars. the fundraiser has been very successful the past few years. 

“Very beneficial it has helped with increased scholarship support operational support. Last year we raised 85000 dollars  this year were already at the mark and we haven’t had the auction yet so we’re anticipating that we’re gonna set a record with this event so we’re excited,” said director of athletics Ashley Walyuchow.

Last year UHV athletics received a gift of land out by the airport of 65 acres. They are building Jaguars athletic facilities on that land. The fundraiser is used mostly for immediate scholarships as well as getting a team on a plane for a game along with day to day operations.