UHV investigating how to expand broadband service in the area

UHV hopes to improve connectivity in rural areas of the Crossroads

Uhv Broadband Pic

Victoria Texas – The University of Houston-Victoria wants to expand broadband service to help get higher education to people who live in rural areas.

Donald Jirkovsky, director of UHV’s Center of Regional Collaboration, says the university plans to reach out to rural areas to that need broadband service. He said the first steps were taken to make broadband a reality in rural areas.

“Right now, what is really important is this broadband. In fact we are working with congressman Cloud’s staff to try and get broadband, to try and get some of that money, and to get that money to some of our local providers. Like an electric coop, to get that to some of our smaller private companies. Instead of that money going to small corporations, can we get some of that money to local providers, to help build out that fiber network or to bring rural broadband to those areas,” said Jirkovsky

Jirkovsky says a timeline for broadband service installation is not clear. To find out more about UHV’s Center for Regional Collaboration click here