UHV International Fest

UHV celebrated it 4th International Festival– celebrating different cultures on campus– with a recent international student enrollment spike, this year was just more special.

Traditional music from a coutries across the world filled UHV’s common area hall, each performance and dish showcasing a small part of what makes each culture unique.

“This may be their chance to actually try a dish- you don’t like it you move on, but you’ll remember food bring people together, and entertainment and music brings people together.” says Ludmi Heraph, Director of the International Students group.

A 12.9% increase was reported for UHV’s international student enrollment, making this event the biggest it’s been. Like for Bridget Fewry, a third year international student from Sierra Leone, who passed out hundred of samples of a traditional treat in her country. She says,”when you come to America, it’s so diverse you kind of get lost, so when you are here you have the opportunity to show people your culture- because you can meet someone in class, but you don’t have the opportunity to say my country is this or did that.”

Currently 166 students from 36 different countries fulfill their education at UHV—the university has made diversity a main goal hoping to attract students to Victoria.

Freshman student Kristopher A. Fields says, “it is our diversity that brings the beautiful life to our campus so it’s so important to give yourself the opportunity to be yourself and express yourself authentically.”