UHV honors late professor with scholarship

The University of Houston Victoria created a memorial scholarship for a long time professor. Dr. Li Chao passed away last fall and UHV wanted to do something to remember the dedicated professor. UHV made an endowed scholarship so it will last forever. Right now UHV is in the fundraising part for the scholarship. the school has set a goal of raising one hundred thousand dollars.
“A normal endowment setting a one hundred thousand dollar endowment will produce about four thousand dollars a year that is awarded in scholarships. That also allows a little bit of the earnings to go back into the endowed fund so it keeps growing so it kinds of keeps up with inflation,” declares
Jesse Pisors, Vice President for Advancement and External Relations. If you would like to donate you can visit uhv connect dot org, and click the donation link and choose the Dr. Li. Chao memorial scholarship fund. UHV looks to start accepting applications for the scholarship in a year.