UHV expects 635 students to move in for the new school year

Approximately 635 students are expected to move-in these next couple of days to start this college school year.

Savannah Ewing, a UHV student said, “It’s amazing I’m really excited, it’s something new and I know my parents are excited for me and I’m ready to take on every challenge that is headed my way,”.

As several students gear up to begin their journey transitioning into college the UHV Residence Life staff want to make sure it’s a smooth experience.

“It’s the first time for many of the students to get enrolled. It’s also the first time for them leaving home and going away for college. So it’s a big deal for us in the Residence Life department at UHV. So we take this day pretty serious because we want the first time impression to be a great and lasting one for each of them,” said Brandon Lee the Director of Student Life.

Parents are moving their children into school and students are facing the realization of being without their guardians. Ewing expressed how she’s preparing to live away from home.

“I once felt like I was alone as well, but at orientation, I saw a few people sitting by themselves. I went to them and introduce myself, that’s all it took. Now, we have been friends ever since. So just break the ice,” Ewing encourages.

“I have seen a lot of tears shed and hugs shared but the hardest part for a parent, I think is letting go but our staff we try to do our best making sure that they feel like they have a home away from home,” said Lee.

Lee also mentioned the biggest thing they try to accomplish is making the parents feel comfortable.