UHV expanding its campus

The University of Houston-Victoria is making major changes to bring more students to their campus.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke to the new UHV president about the changes to the campus.

While only two weeks into the job, new UHV president, Bob Glen believes these changes will make uhv a destination university, somewhere students want to be. “We’ve grown by about 30 to 40 percent over the last four years. We anticipate that we will continue to grow,” says Bob Glenn, UHV President. With the growth in students uhv is adding a new residence hall that will house about 260 students.
“There are suites that are composed of individual rooms. So private rooms, 4 private rooms suite and then there are suites that have two rooms with two occupants per room,” tells Glenn. Rooms arent the only thing uhv is adding, the university is building a three story student center combined with a library.
“Its becoming more and more a place for people to gather around their academic shared interest. So there will be a Chick-Fil-A, there will be a grill, a coffee shop where you can get your Starbucks fix, which is always important when you are trying to student,” explains Glenn. Along with these new things, the student center will have a bookstore, video game area and multiple purpose room with seating up to 250 people.
“There will be a student success center, so there will be a lot of things for students to go to for student activities as well as to improve their academic performance,” adds Glenn. “But we want it to be more inviting to college students which would make it more inviting to young professionals and when we do that then we make it a more long term community,” declares Glenn.
UHV is working with the city to make Ben Wilson a safer street for students to cross when going to class. Smith residence hall is scheduled to open in fall of 2019 while the University Commons behind me is scheduled to open in January 2019.