UHV campus safety

VICTORIA,Texas–On Monday morning there was a shooting at the Texas A&M-Commerce campus at a residence hall. Two women have been killed and a young child is injured. 

University of Houston-Victoria vice president of student affairs, Jay Lambert spoke with us Monday and told us that the UHV campus takes the threat of an active shooter very seriously and expressed condolences to the Texas A&M Campus-Commerce. 

“Before I start here I just want to mention that everybody here at UHV, our thoughts are definitely with our Texans at Commerce. Here at UHV we’ve put a number of things in play, actually just in the past year definitely have pretty solid lock down procedures. We have a lock down committee. We actually changed the name of that to “active threat committee”, meaning that who knows what you could be dealing with. We are looking to embed more training overall into our orientation and into our facilities staff training as well but that’s a work in progress,” said Lambert.

According to one student — concerns were expressed at a student government meeting in 2019 about campus shooter procedures — Mr. Lambert assured them that the university places their safety at the top of their priorities — and hopes that the active shooter procedures never have to be implemented here in Victoria.