UHV athletes set record with fall academic honors

Softball led the way with 15 players earning the academic honors

VICTORIA, Texas — University of Houston-Victoria student-athletes turned in a record performance in the classroom during the fall 2020 semester with 56 student-athletes and student workers being named to the UHV Dean’s List.


Behind a record 15 athletes being named to the President’s List, the Jaguars easily eclipsed their previous record of 39 set in the fall 2018 as 33 percent of the student-athletes were recognized in the fall.


“I am proud of the accomplishments of our student-athletes especially during a time of uncertainty and concern as well as learning in new environments away from the traditional classroom,” said UHV Athletics Director Ashley Walyuchow.


Softball led the way with 15 players earning the academic honors, while women’s soccer followed at 14 and baseball at 11. Nine members of the men’s soccer team achieved academic honors, while three each from the men’s and women’s golf teams were also recognized along with two student workers.


Baseball and women’s soccer each had four members of the team recognized on the President’s List, while women’s golf and softball each had two. Men’s golf, and men’s soccer each had one member on the President’s List, while one student worker also achieved the recognition.


Named to the President’s list from the School of Arts and Sciences were Reyanna Cerda and Freja Magnussen from women’s soccer, Christian Garcia from baseball, Jocelyn Villafranca from women’s golf and Robert Henry from men’s soccer.


William Paton from men’s golf, Mia Lerma from women’s golf and Kalyca Keramidis from women’s soccer were named from the School of Business Administration, while softball players Michelle Kristoff and Lauren Caka, along with baseball players Davion Lockett, Austin Aguirre and Carson McKenna and women’s soccer player Kimberly Liker were recognize from the School of Education, Health Professions and Human Development, as was Jennifer Fucik, a student worker in athletic training.


Named to the Dean’s List from the School of Arts and Sciences were Dominque Crespo from softball, Justin Mireles, Ashton Grones and Jose Jimenez Antonio from baseball, Jenna Alvarado from women’s golf, Hayden Janner, Isabel Olvera, Meghan Matcek and Estelle Flanagan from women’s soccer and Claude Byiringiro, Mawamba Mlondani and Jacob Collen from men’s soccer.  Krushan Panchal, a member of the sports information staff, was also named to the Dean’s List.


Recognized on the Dean’s List from the School of Business Administration were Connagh Wilks and Erik Faeltstroem of men’s soccer, Langston White from baseball, Kaylle Acosta from softball and Max Schliesing from men’s golf.


Twenty-three student-athletes were listed on the Dean’s List from the School of Education, Health Professions and Human Development and included, Jessalyn Burkett, Jackie Longoria, Ashley Reyna, Marissa Longoria, Krystal Rodriguez, Kayla Dow, Claire Blinka, Cameron Cowan, Alexis Gonzalez and Alyssah Zamora from softball.


Also recognized were, Kiki Hinojosa, Maricris Albarda, Judith Arias, Mackenzie Arsola, Victoria Trevino and Kelsey Hayes from women’s soccer, John Hajj, Osvalda Polio and Olamide Olaleye from men’s soccer, James Spera, Richard Isom and Gustavo Valdes from baseball and Roy Moya from men’s golf.


“Our student-athletes continue to achieve Dean’s and President’s List status at a rate that is nearly twice that of the student body at UHV,” Walyuchow said. “This is a testament to the recruiting efforts of our coaches to recruit students that excel academically as well as athletically.”


The President’s List honors undergraduates who earn a 4.0 grade-point average on all work completed during the fall semester. To qualify for the Dean’s List undergraduates must earn at least a 3.5 GPA. Students who make the President’s List automatically make the Dean’s List.


The recognitions are awarded each fall and spring semester. A minimum of nine semester hours, excluding courses in which grades of “Satisfactory” were earned, is required. Any student who earns a grade of “unsatisfactory,” “incomplete,” or “D or F” during the semester is excluded from consideration.