UHV and The City of Victoria invites the community to a public forum

Ben Wilson Street Project is main topic

VICTORIA, Texas- The City of Victoria and the University of Houston-Victoria are partnering to host a public forum about the Ben Wilson Street Corridor Project.

“So the Ben Wilson Corridor Project has been long anticipated. There will be a portion of Ben Wilson Street that’s going to be reduced to three lanes. We’ll also have some aesthetics to make it pleasing in the area and it will officially be the entryway for the UHV Campus,” said Ashely Strevel, the City of Victoria Director of Public Affairs.

This new entryway will add several enhancements to the community, such as urban design and streetscape elements.

“It’s beneficial to the public because it will give more pedestrians safety when crossing the street from multiple buildings of UHV, especially the students and we really want them to be safe and we want anyone who’s visiting to be safe,” said Strevel.

The new designs will bring crosswalks and traffic signs to increase public protection. However, the public forum will allow the community to add additional feedback.

“So, we made this a public event, a public forum for the community because we want them to feel invested in the project. We recently brought it to City Council to consider for the contractor, so once that was awarded to Freese and Nichols our engineering firm we wanted to know the public had a stake in it and they would be able to come and get involved during the design process which we are in the middle of right now,” said Strevel.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Ben Wilson Street Corridor Project please attend the public forum at 3007 Ben Wilson St on March 4th at 5:30 p.m.