U.S. troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

The U.S. is working to get the remaining U.S. citizens and allies out of the country

KABUL, Afghanistan – With the final American troops leaving Afghanistan, questions of safe passage for American citizens and allies that are still in Afghanistan remain.

We spoke with former Victoria resident Dr. Leonard Lira, a former Army Colonel and now professor who specializes in military and international affairs on why the Taliban takeover was so swift.

“We’re kind of stuck along this route and this timeline based on that, and that left the Taliban in an incredible position of power which they were able to capitalize because of that negotiation, and kind of delegitimize the national government which I think rapidly led to their collapse,” said Lira.

With the withdrawal of the American soldiers in Afghanistan, America is finding a balance of how much we should be involved in their affairs versus letting Afghanistan and those in power handling their own affairs.

“We created a lot of their government structures and educational structures so there’s an expectation by the international community that we’ll continue to provide leadership in that region,” Lira said.

Despite that expectation, Dr. Lira said that ultimately the responsibility of maintaining order and security in Afghanistan doesn’t completely fall on the United States.

“Whatever organization gets stood up or takes over in Afghanistan those are the individuals and people that are responsible for the security of Afghanistan,” Lira said.

Lira said that the United States will continue to negotiate with the Taliban to ensure safe passage for our citizens and allies that are still in Afghanistan.