U.S. Rep. Michael Cloud addresses turmoil in America

U.S. Rep. Cloud on turmoil in America

VICTORIA, Texas- District 27 U.S. Rep. Michael Cloud released a letter addressing the turmoil in our nation:

Like so many Americans, I have been grieving over the turmoil we find ourselves in as a nation. The killing of George Floyd at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve is horrific. Mere words cannot bring justice to the family, rebuild broken communities, or heal the divides that have persisted for too long. I know that arriving at solutions to these multifaceted issues will be difficult.

Our nation has a complicated history in championing the ideals of liberty while not always living up to those ideals — most notably in race relations. I realize that rebuilding broken trust is hard work. It’s made harder in a hyper-partisan environment by those who exploit divisions for gain. We’ve seen this in the senseless, self-serving violence that’s ravaged our cities. These acts are also despicable, and they detract from the people who want to peaceably assemble and petition the government to make their grievances known.

I’m grateful to live in and represent communities that are working to get this right. Our law enforcement are respected for their service in the face of daily challenges. Protesters are assembling peacefully and making their voices heard. There is no doubt we as a nation are still working toward a more perfect union. May God shed His grace on us in this time until the day we see, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reminded us from scripture, ”justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

There’s much more that can be said, but I’m well aware the conversations and solutions will not come easily. Please continue to share your thoughts with me, as we all work to make our country a better place.
God Bless,
Rep. Michael Cloud
27th District, Texas

As released by U.S. Rep. Michael Cloud

Congressman Michael Cloud