U.S. Census Bureau looks to hire locals for Census 2020

Temporary part time and full time jobs are available to effort the Census 2020 count

VICTORIA, Texas- The beginning count of the census is less than a month away. U.S. Census Bureau is looking for local community members to partake in the task of counting everyone in our area. The Census Bureau is hiring up to 2,000 people in the Crossroads to achieve an accurate count. The hope is for locals to get involved for a more positive response.

When asking media specialist Ximena V. Alvarez with the U.S. Census Bureau why it is important to Victoria, she explains, “We know that if Mary knocks on the door of Peter, and they know each other, they’re going to open the door. We hire locals because we want them to know that you can trust people that work for the Census. It’s a great way to be involved. It’s a great opportunity to know what the Census is and to make a difference in your community.”

Temporary part-time and full-time jobs are available. 

The pay can be from $18-$23 dollars hourly.

Visit the official Census 2020 website for application details.