Two Crossroads Families Recover after the Tornado

“It feels good because its over and now we can start rebuilding,” Louise resident, who witnessed the tornado, Lane Schultz said. Lane Schultz describes how he feels after hiding in his closet with his mother and sister as the tornado passed through his neighborhood in Louise Tuesday morning.
“I was scared. We said a prayer in the closet. we didn’t know what was going to happen it could’ve torn our house apart. it could ripped off the roof. I didn’t know what we were going to do,” Louise resident, who witnessed the tornado, Shannon Schultz said. Through the storm damage the Petr family remains thankful.
“Materialistic things can be rebuilt redone replanted. We’re good. We’re just thankful that everybody is safe,” Louise resident, Janet Johnson said.
“I feel blessed because if it could have done that to a grain dryer then it could have done that to our house. It could’ve pushed a giant grain dryer into our house,” Shannon Schultz said.
In Van Vleck two brothers are still in shock after the storm took there home and nearly took their sister
“One of the guys came and helped me get my sister out. by the grace of god the room she was in didn’t collapse,” Van Vleck Resident, Gary Ashton said. The Ashton brothers mourn their childhood home but also learn a valuable lesson from the storm.
“When I first drove up and saw I was overwhelmed. It was indescribable how I felt. I was worried about my sister. I take away that tomorrow’s not promised to anyone and to live your life like it’s your last day, ” Van Vleck Resident, James Ashton said.