Two cats shot by a pellet gun in the Victoria neighborhood of Tropical Acres

The perpetrator remains unidentified

VICTORIA, Texas -In the last three months, four cats have gone missing in the Victoria neighborhood of Tropical Acres.

Two cats shot by a pellet gun, one required surgery to remove the bullet. The second one paralyzed from the neck down and was euthanized.

The perpetrator remains unidentified but neighborhood residents believe he or she will strike again.

We spoke with the owners of the two cats, Lois and John Payne, and concerned neighbors about the recent shootings.

“They brought a lot of joy and happiness and for them just to be murdered, it’s just so heartbreaking, its a shame, and you know pick up the phone if they’re causing problems to pick up the phone you don’t have to kill them,” says Lois and John Payne, the cat owners.

“We are their voice, we need to speak up for them if we do not speak for them they are absolutely defenseless, and that is why I want to appeal to the people who are watching this segment and to Victorians please please protect our pets, do not take a blind eye to it and say its someone else’s problem its everyone’s problem, god forbid it’s your pet tomorrow so please let us stand together and stand for this cause and help these animals,” says Dr. Manju Sachdev, a concerned resident.

If you have any information regarding these cat shootings, call the Victoria Police Department.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”