Twin Pines staff, hospice care, and San Miguel family celebrate grandmother’s 107 birthday

Buckner says the nursing home believes in a familial-like lifestyle

VICTORIA, Texas – Maria San Miguel is an elderly resident at the Twin Pines nursing home, who’s celebrating her 107 birthday. For today’s joyous occasion, she’s joined in celebration with her granddaughter and grandson Ruben San Miguel. During the birthday party, both grandchildren were happy to join in company with her, celebrating in person.

Local woman turns 107

“Yes, it’s just amazing. It’s really awesome to be able to see. You know, she’s pretty and got her mental, physical faculties still about her. You know, it’s really cool to reminisce about the good old days and see her such a happy thing with all the people she interacts with everyday. It’s really awesome to see her so happy,” said Ruben San Miguel.

The Twin Pines staff went out of their way to decorate

Maria San Miguel’s family members were gracious to see all the extra details and intricacies the nursing staff completed to make this birthday extra special for San Miguel. They ordered balloons, served enchiladas, and played some of her favorite Spanish songs. In addition, they decorated the tables with a picture framed photo of the birthday recipient along with were the red and gold birthday themed center pieces. To top it all off, the birthday party also included a floral decorated cake for all guests to enjoy.

Buckner says the nursing home believes in a familial-like lifestyle

Carla Buckner, who works for Twin Pines said she enjoys working for the nursing home because the company believes in remaining family oriented. As a result, this is the kind of example all other care-takers live by as well.

“When you wake up and you feel, like when I wake up in the mornings.. I wake up wanting to do my job, at 5:00 o’ clock my job does not stop,” Buckner said.

Maggie Peralez has been working for 24 years with Twin Pines. On this day, she feels it’s an honor to celebrate this occasion with Maria San Miguel.

Peralez felt honored to join in the celebration

“It’s an honor to be at her birthday party, being that she’s 107. Not very many people get the privilege of living to 107 years,” said Peralez.

Ruben San Miguel shared a special memory from his childhood about her when he grew up. “There’s so many memories, I mean she was always a very outdoor person. We would go fishing and things like that when we were growing up. There’s so many, so many things. She’s always been a very independent woman, but always ready to give advice and to tell you if you’re not going down the right road. That’s for sure,” San Miguel shared.

Trooper San Miguel enjoyed fishing and the outdoors with his grandmother

The San Miguel family celebrated their grandmother’s birthday with friends, staff, and other guests. Sharing in the moment. “For her to be 107 and still be active, it’s big joy to us because she participates in a lot of our events here and that’s a very good way um to live your life,” expressed Peralez.

Grandmother San Miguel is a sweetheart who gives good advice

For those working at Twin Pines, grandmother San Miguel is a sweetheart, who likes to feel young, and gives good advice.