Twice Blessed Showroom is giving a donation to Bethlehem Maternity House

The donation is to build a storage building for the maternity home

VICTORIA, Texas – The Twice Blessed Showroom of Victoria is donating $10,000 to the Bethlehem Maternity House.

The donation will go towards building a new storage building behind the maternity house for the future mother’s items and goods.

The Bethlehem Maternity Home plans to open on April 9th and will house up to nine expectant mothers ages 18 to 30. They can stay up to six months after giving birth and that time can be extended based on special circumstances.

The house will have nine bedrooms and six bathrooms along with a large kitchen to accommodate the mothers and children. Filled with toys, clothes and furnished bedrooms, mothers will have everything they will need at the maternity house.

“Today we were blessed with a check from twice blessed they provided a check for us to be able to buy us a storage building to go in the back yard so we can store a lot of the baby items that will be in storage along with some goods for the moms but we will be opening soon to be able to give these moms a home and our goal and our mission here is to save the unborn children,” said Lisa Howard, Director of the Bethlehem Maternity House.

If you’re an expectant mother in need of support or if you wish to volunteer for the Bethlehem Maternity House, please visit for more details