TV stations moving to new channels, rescan your TV

VICTORIA, Texas- The Victoria Television Group will be moving some stations to different channels. On the overnight hours of April 13th to the 14th… KAVU will be moving from frequency 15 to 20. Make sure you have all of the local channels by rescanning your TV.

Here’s how to do it:

-Find your TV remote

-Press the Menu button

-Go to the Channel or Antenna menu

-Select Autotune or Rescan

This should take five to fifteen minutes. Menus may look different so refer to your TV owner’s manual.

We are changing because the FCC had an auction, and at that auction KAVU voluntarily gave up frequency 15 and in return we would receive frequency 20. We are still going to be on channel 25, it just means if you haven’t re-scanned after the changeover, then your T.V. won’t be able to find us and our channel will be missing. Victoria Television Chief Engineer Kevin John says all you have to do is scan and the channel will be back up and running.

The Victoria Television Group has been providing the community with free over the air tv signals for over 35 years. With free over the air programming, you will receive live local news and emergency alerts keeping you informed. Please remember to rescan your TV’s this week to ensure you can watch your local channels.

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