Turkeyfest returns for its 50th anniversary

Ruby Begonia crowned champion of the biggest race this year


Turkeyfest came back this year as Ruby Begonia and Paycheck went head-to-head.

Cuero hosts the event every second weekend of October. This year marks the 50th anniversary.

The Great Gobbler Gallop got the crowd pumped this year. Ruby begonia took on paycheck to defend the honor of Cuero’s claim to be the turkey capital of the world. Gobbler nation’s opponent paycheck hails from Worthington, Minnesota. Paycheck’s hometown high school band visited to show the bird some support. Ruby hit the finish line first bringing the gold home to Cuero.

After the race, Cuero let us hear it, that gobbler spirit! The city hosted a parade that included the football team, band and even Cuero royalty.

After the parade, the party did not end. Cuero Turkeyfest ends Sunday, Oct. 9th. The event will continue at Cuero Municipal Park.