Tuff-E-Nuff invites boys and girls of all ages to join

Former boxer opens his own gym to teach others


A new boxing gym has opened in Victoria and the owner is happy to finally have his own building.

Jessie Martinez, owner of the new gym, Tuff-E-Nuff, has been around the sport of boxing nearly his whole life. He was a boxer before he became a coach. Prior to this new building opening up, Martinez and his athletes had to train in the backyard. Martinez’s program grew rapidly, which caused him to look into opening a new building. Martinez said he loves the location and

is glad to help the young children in the area.

Martinez has helped over 100 thousand athletes over the years to improve their boxing skills. He has helped them learn how to defend themselves and learn about the sport.

If you would like to join the gym, it costs 40 dollars a month and both boys, girls, men and women of all ages are all welcome.