Trump signs measures easing energy regulation while in Texas

President Donald Trump signed two executive orders Wednesday related to energy infrastructure at an event in Crosby, Texas.

He said the measures would help ease the permitting process and help investment in energy projects.

“My first order will speed up the process for approving vital infrastructure on our nation’s border,” Trump said.

The President highlighted the economic growth and job creation that has taken place during his time in office, calling the economy “the envy of the world.”

He also highlighted that under his new order, US presidents would have sole authority to approve or disprove pipeline projects that cross borders.

Straying slightly from his prepared remarks, Trump returned to a familiar riff about his predecessors’ inability to negotiate good trade terms with China. The Trump administration is currently pursuing a broad trade agreement with China.

After giving shout-outs to the Texas leaders present, including the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, he shouted out George P. Bush, the commissioner of the land office, describing him as “the only Bush that likes me.”