Trial pending in Hallettsville controversy

Back in April, the Hallettsville men’s baseball team traveled to Hondo for a baseball tournament. While the team was at the hotel, a player was abused by another player on the team.

When Calvin Edwards Cook Jr., the Hallettsville baseball coach, Darren Bickman, the principal of Hallettsville High School, and Scott Cottenoir, the assistant principal, found out about the incident, none of them reported it to the police.

Currently, the students in the case will not be charged for their actions, but the court documents we obtained show the faculty involved are still being held accountable for not making the required child abuse report.

Meanwhile, Cook Jr., Bickman, and Cottenoir were indicted on March 4 th for the offense of Professional Failure to Make the Required Child Abuse Report.

Last month on September 26 th Cottenoir requested to have his trial transferred. He pled not guilty to the offense of Failure to Report Abuse.

Currently, all three faculty members have their trial on the same date. The trials are scheduled to be held at the Lavaca County Courthouse Annex on November 7 th at 9:00 a.m.

We will keep you updated with information as it becomes available.