Trey’s First Warn Tuesday AM Forecast (7/12) More Heat, Finally Some Rain Chances

Heat index value 105 to 115 this week



Today: Partly cloudy and hot. Isolated rain shower possible. High: 100. Winds: S 10 mph. Rain chance 20%.

Tonight: Mostly clear and humid. Low: 77. Winds: SE 10 – 20 mph.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy and hot. isolated rain shower possible. High: 100. Winds: SE 10 – 20 mph. Rain chance 20%.

Synopsis: The heat goes on, but finally seeing some rain chances. a weak front near the area, in addition to tropical moisture in the gulf moving toward the texas coast, will create some rain chances, at this time, only isolated rain showers and thunderstorms expected, due to our atmosphere still hanging on some stability, daytime highs drop down to the upper 90’s Thursday into the weekend, as high pressure moves more westward, along with more cloud cover. Stay cool and safe everyone. ~ Trey