Trey’s First Warn Tuesday AM Forecast (10-4) – Increasing Humidity

Partly cloudy skies continue


Partly Cloudy Monday

Today: Partly cloudy High: 88. Winds: NE 8 mph.

Tonight:Partly cloudy. Low: 63. Winds: SE 5 mph.

Wednesday: partly cloudy. High: 88. Winds: E 5 mph.

Synopsis: Cloud cover throughout the area, thanks to high clouds from hurricane Orlene, which made landfall on the west coast of Mexico. The atmosphere is to dry over south Texas for any rain to fall. later this week, the clouds should begin to thin as Orlene dissipates. High pressure ridge will remain over the area. A weak front will move into the area and dissipate. Maybe an isolated rain shower as the front nears. Overall not much change in our weather. Highs near 90, lows in the 60’s. ~ Trey