Trey’s First Warn Friday AM Forecast (7/5)

Finally some rain chances!


Today: Partly cloudy with scattered rain showers. High: 95. Winds: SE 10 – 20 mph. Rain chance 30%.

Tonight: Partly cloudy with isolated rain showers. Low: 75. Winds: s 10 mph. Rain chance 20%.

Saturday: Partly cloudy with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms. High: 93. Winds: SE 15 mph. Rain chance 50%.

Synopsis: Finally some rain chances!Aa weak tropical wave will approach the Texas coast today, bringing with it some rain showers, moving in east to west. Bumping up rain chances to 50% Saturday, as the main axis of the low pressure trof, moves through. Instability remains in the area Sunday into next week, so about 20% to 30% rain chances will remain each day. Of course, the heat will still be the main weather feature, so stay cool. ~ Trey