Trey’s First Day on his trip for holiday travel

Trey visits the grave site of Paul Revere and the Old North Church



Good morning everyone there this is Crossroads Trey Meynig  here. Good morning Carolina Astrain and Howard Gordon, miss you guys! I will give you an update of what we did today Mary Ellen and I. Take a look at what we did yesterday and we have a lot to look forward to today. Thank you for tuning in.
And we start to the day of Fenway park. It was interesting to see the construction of the park and what the park means to the city of Boston, and the Boston Red Sox. A lot of historical very famous baseball players still call this park home.We got to see the history behind it and what it means to the city. And from there we went on the Freedom Trail, which is the trail that shows many sites that are relevant to the founding of our country, including the grave site of Paul Revere and the Old North Church. Looking forward to tomorrow.