Trey Meynig celebrates 10 years with the Victoria Television Group

"Having the opportunity to do what you love is a blessing to me..." said Trey



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“I’ve always wanted to make weather my career, and having the opportunity to do so here in Victoria is an honor to me…” Meteorologist Trey Meynig began his television weather career at KAVU 10 years ago, and his passion for weather still continues. “I am so happy to have the ability to begin each day talking about weather and helping everyone in the Crossroads to start their day,” said Trey. Before moving to Victoria, Trey lived in Mobile Alabama and attended the University of South Alabama. After graduation, worked as a meteorologist in helping set up a weather station network, called a mesonet, along the northern gulf coast. This project was NOAA funded, with the goal of studying hurricane landfall patterns in order to improve forecast times and evacuation times. After the weather station project was finished, Trey moved back to Texas, by accepting a position with KAVU TV, and the rest they say, it history. Trey is originally from the Beaumont area. Trey also has a degree in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University. Trey is married to his wife, Mary Ellen, who he calls his “beautiful sweetheart.”