Trending Reporter Audrey Castoreno wishes KAVU a happy 35th anniversary

“I was at Newscenter 25 back in 2011 as a reporter and that was some of the best times of my life. It was my first job in the news industry and I remember it well. I enjoyed all the people of Victoria. They were so welcoming. I have a lot of friends that I still talk to there in town as well as everyone there at Newscenter 25, those behind the scenes and in front of the camera. I made some great friends. All of those people really shaped me into the journalist I am today. I am now here at KENS 5 here in San Antonio where I am a reporter, producer and a trending reporter as well. So Newscenter 25 has really put out some great journalist into the TV news market so keep doing it and congratulations on your 35th year anniversary,” Audrey Castoreno said.