Traveling Cyclist Bring Awareness to Cancer

Flynn Donoho an Arkansas native has traveled over 47 thousand miles on his bicycle to bring awareness and raise funds for cancer.
After losing his step sister to breast cancer, and close friends to other types of cancer, he decided to do what he loved for a cause. And his long cycling trips along his loyal dog, have taken him across the country.

“2013 is when i completed all 48 states for the first time, and now I only got 15 states to go to do it twice” he says.

Flynn has set up a goal to raise three thousand dollars for the American Cancer Society. Donations come from strangers he encounters in his cycling journey. His latest route brought him to Victoria as he cycled along the Texas coast.

Flynn adds that Riverside Park has become his favorite place in Victoria– and his next destination is the state of Kentucky. If you’d live to donate to his cause visit