Trampoline park closes due to resurgence of COVID-19 cases

Trampoline park closes due to resurgence of COVID-19 cases

VICTORIA, Texas – The Hang Time Trampoline Park opened five and a half years ago, as a way to get children away from electronics and jumping on trampolines.

“You gotta get these kids moving and you gotta get them doing something, caring about their health and that was really something that we aim to do,” Seerden said.

The trampoline park industry is no longer sustainable due to the ongoing pandemic and social distancing said owner Heath Seerden. 

“We knew that we might be in some trouble when we had to close the first week of Spring Break when the pandemic first hit,” Seerden said.

The absence of revenue during Spring Break was a significant loss for the business, Seerden said.

Now with the second outbreak of Coronavirus taking hold, Seerden said the decision to close before receiving pressure from creditors, seems to be the smart and responsible thing to do.

The trampoline park‘s Facebook post about closing was shared 348 times and garnered 114 comments, all from Crossroads residents mourning the loss.

“We deal with a lot of people on the internet a lot of the time and sometimes there’s some negative things and those are the ones that get the voice but today… (gets emotional) … today was really supportive for us, so we’re very, very happy for that,” Seerden said.

Seerden said they are selling the trampoline equipment and Compadres Design Inc. will be moving its screen printing and embroidery company into the current Hang Time lot, located on Main Street in Victoria.