Traffic Control working to restore and repair damaged traffic lights

Traffic Control crews are out in full force today working to restore function to traffic lights.

Almost every intersection in the city has at least some damage to the traffic lights or arms holding the lights. Traffic Control crews are working to restore function, with their priority being the main roads of Victoria. Officials want to remind drivers that every intersection that normally has traffic lights should be treated as an all-way stop.

“So if you come up to an intersection and it is not operable, you need to make sure you come to a complete stop. Make sure it is safe to continue on and that the other drivers, the drivers of the other vehicles, know that you’re there and then proceed with caution.” explained Lt. Moya of the VPD.

While Traffic Control crews work to restore and repair traffic lights, there is no timetable at this time for when full functionality will be restored. Until then, officials ask that all drivers abide by traffic laws and drive safely. Any drivers caught disregarding traffic laws could face a verbal warning or a citation.