Toys for Tots and Blue Santa Partner

Toys for Tots and Blue Santa

Toys for Tots has been a great outreach during Christmas time since 1947. They have helped make Christmas a time to celebrate for those less fortunate. In Victoria, the community is trying to get more toys put together this year for the children who are most in need. Mark Longoria, coordinator of toys for tots is very excited for the community joining in on giving back.

“Every year toys for tots at Christmas time we provide Christmas presents to children less fortunate children who may not be able to have Christmas so that’s what we do we set up toy distribution boxes, toy donation boxes all over Victoria. To where people can come and donate toys and all those toys it helps us meet the needs for the children at Christmas.

Were looking at about 11000 to 12000 children we’ll help out this year, so we’ll need about 30 to 35000 to meet the needs. We give two toys per child and a stocking stuffer. That’s what we do every year. Some children go year after year without having that experience, and so I know by my experiences as a child that if those toys are underneath that tree they are gonna have such an exciting experience at Christmas and that’s what its all about. We wanna bring hope to children we wanna bring joy to their lives so that you know we believe that every child deserves Christmas.”