Torres Elementary rebuilding after Harvey

Hurricane Harvey devastated the Crossroads and VISD schools.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke to the principal of Torres Elementary about the recovery effort.

Torres Elementary is rebuilding after the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

“We had 3 out of our 5 windows blow out at the top of the school right above the library, so it rained in our school for about 4 days straight,” adds Crystal Rice, Principal.

Rice says the carpet soaked up all the water and caused a lot of damage to the library.
“It caused lots of damage to our book shelves, the walls, and you see we are still without carpet,” tells Rice

Rice believes the students struggled not having a library.
“Our students had a very difficult time this year without the library, is something all of our students rotate through kinder through 5th grade every week,” says Rice.

The school tried to come up with alternatives to make up for the lost library.
“Our librarian going into our kinder through 5th grade classrooms bringing books to the kids and try to do activities with them, but our kids just basically kept screaming we want our library, we want our library back,” exclaims Rice.

Rice says when summer break start, the rebuilding process began.
“As soon as the school year finished they really came in and started the restoration piece of it, the been working on rebuilding all the shelves, and the circulation desk since about the end of June,” explains Rice.

She adds the construction should be finished by the start of school.
“We just want to be able to have that environment open for them again and have them excited to return to the library,” declares Rice.

The library is supposed to be getting new carpet put in this week and rice says they are projected to be finished by August 2nd.